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Kissing piglets at Mares Farm, Old Amersham The farming activities give people the chance to help out with the farmyard animals. We have a range of livestock including a flock of hens, quail, pigs and sheep and of course the horses, dogs and cats.
Our flock of hens and other poultry need daily care; feeding, watering, and of course collecting the eggs!  The pigs need looking after too as do the lambs when we have them. 
And there are always maintainence jobs to get stuck into. The range of physical tasks, such as mucking out the animal housing, strimming or mowing the paddocks and mending fences, are endless.
Along with fresh air and exercise, the farm provides a safe place in which to engage with animals and people alike.
Because of the natural therapeutic environment, working on the farm can aid people‚Äôs recovery and even be a preparation for work.  The general skills needed for all types of employment, such as team work, timekeeping and completing tasks are gained in a fun and relaxed way.
There is also the opportunity to learn specific skills relevant to farming and horticulture.

Chickens on Mares Farm, Old Amersham, Bucks Horses at Mares Farm, Old Amersham, Bucks