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Equine assisted activities at Mares Farm Horses are strong and kind animals that want to help us feel more balanced. They are herd animals and for the herd to be effective against danger, it is important that everybody in their group is in tune with each other. This is why being around horses can have a calming and therapeutic effect on us.

Their form of communication is through body language. So, in order to develop a relationship with a horse we need to ensure that we overcome our emotional imbalances to make them feel comfortable to be around us. That way, we can win their trust and respect. This can be a rewarding experience and as we learn to regulate our emotions and strengthen our self-respect in the process. As a result, this can help to overcome emotional problems such as low self-esteem, anger and anxiety.

For people who find communication challenging, particularly those with a learning disability or autism, or those struggling with depression, communicating with horses can help us to communicate better with other people.

People also use body language to communicate as only 10% of human communication is actually done by talking. So, most of our communication is also based on reading other people's body language. Think of when you meet someone and without any words being exchanged you know that they are sad or happy, angry or anxious. This information is delivered to you by their facial expressions or how they hold their bodies. Sometimes we might not always be aware of the messages other people are sending us with their bodies. By learning to communicate with a horse, we can learn to read people's body language better.

There are many other skills we can learn by participating in activities with horses that are transferrable to all areas of ordinary day-to-day life. For example, we can learn to improve our problem-solving skills, coping techniques and self-confidence.

At Mares, we offer a wide range of equine-assisted activities that do not involve riding, such as stroking, handling, grooming, leading and working with a horse. As we learn to care for horses we may even want to learn to ride them.

Horse riding at Mares Farm, Old Amersham, Bucks Horse grooming at Mares Farm, Old Amersham, Bucks